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I knew my parents hadn’t been getting along at all well recently and I had even begun to fear that they may some day be getting a divorce, but still the discovery that my man could be having an affair came as both a shock and something really quite distressing.

Teased and Tamed. by Priscilla Gay Bouffant (A feminist probation officer is convinced that “sissy teens just want to have fun”.)

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Well, I didn’t exactly get caught wearing panties, but I did get caught in the fact that I liked to wear panties and lingerie. When I was 26, …

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Tales of crossdressers caught in the act of cross dressing

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My son likes to wear dresses. There, I’ve said it. Since he was a toddler, he’s been attracted to all things beautiful. At dress up parties, while the mans were putting on evil monster costumes, my son got lost in the pastel colours and silky fabrics of …

When Brian and Debbie McCloskey got married two years ago, Debbie wore a lovely little neutral-colored dress. So did Brian. It was, perhaps, the happiest day of both of their lives. Brian is a transvestite, which means he likes to wear women’s clothes. His wife is …

Adachi’s Lesson In Humanity By: CS Fox Adachi and his teen Plura are kitsunes carefully disguised as humans. Enrolled in a human high college so that they can better study human education systems, Adachi finds he can’t stop protecting one human with a …

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Forced Feminization Sissy Pantyhose Art. Anticipation had been building all week since he received noticed that his items had been shipped.

Sexy Adult Baby Stories. Are you wearing your plastic pants?! What would your wife say if she found out that you wear plastic pants?!

Jan 04, 2012 · I agree mens underwear is so boring and plain. My husband has worn panties for about 10 years now started out with just white or black bikini style in cotton but now he wears all different styles, fabrics and colors.

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